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Our Services

Our services are tailored to your needs. You may be an individual practitioner or part of a small clinic, you may have daily chart notes or an occasional letter, whatever the amount of dictation you need our help with–you have our full attention. We are able to performal all types of medical transcription, and we specialize in medicolegal reports and independent medical evaluations.

We work digitally over the internet, but we are also capable of transcribing microcassette tapes in a pinch. Just let us know your preferences.

If setting up your dictation service seems overwhelming and unfamilar, we are happy to help you with this too.

What We Provide

  • Over 30 years of medical transcription experience.
  • A qualified team of local medical transcriptionists.
  • Part-time or daily transcription.
  • Able to handle digital voice files and even tapes in a pinch.
  • Dial-in dictation available.
  • We are happy to help you out anyway that we can.

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